Ibrahim Yildirim

Managing Partner

Ibrahim Yildirim is an import/export and business development expert with extensive international experience. He practiced foreign trade both in the States and in Turkey. He started his career as an import and national sales manager in a New York firm in 1989. He has been in business ever since, expanding his territory in South America and Turkey.

Additionally, Mr. Yildirim was a consultant to some American firms investing in Turkey. He also promoted many Turkish firms by expanding their sales and operations on different continents. Mr. Yildirim has experience in different sectors like construction, mining, finance, retail chains and energy. For 8 years, he was a member of the board of Vakif Leasing, a firm in Turkey. He received his Mechanical Engineering degree from Technical University of Istanbul (ITU) and completed his MBA at New York Institute of Technology. Mr. Yildirim just completed his PhD in Business Administration and is currently lecturing on civil aviation and foreign trade at IAU. Mr. Yildirim served in Turkish politics for 14 years and is currently chairman of Turkey Peru Business Council in DEIK (Foreign Economic Relations Board).